Monday, May 12, 2008

The Quake

Dear friends,

Yes, there was a quake. No, I din feel anything. Yes, I am fine. Just in case you were worried.

But I do have sad news to tell you. Today, on the day of the earthquake, all my hopes and dreams have been dashed, destroyed, gone with the wind. Why? Because my dog.. an animal.. which was suppose to alert me before a natural disaster strikes... was sound asleep AND snoring.. before, during AND after the quake.

My hope for Handsome was that he will one day, repay all my love by saving my life in a brave and dramatic manner.. But.. after today.. I have decided to accept reality.. that he will never save my life.. Instead, I will have to save his.. and after that.. I have to feed him and pick up his poop sumore.

Sigh.. dear friends.. Handsome = 1 word.. FAIL.


Anonymous Tremor said...

ooooohh!!! Alhamdullilah you're still in one piece...must be you la letting an excessive flatulence, one big fart until China cracked! I can feel it here Down Under..heehee....
Send you doggy for DOGA...

10:59 AM  
Anonymous after shock said...

Alhamdullilah syukur kau selamat..
hahahah...julz..even if you're in danger, how can you expect handsome to get you out of it?..
the most, he'll just stand there and bark and probably u'll ignore him to as u dun even feel anything!!

imagine ure stuck under some pile of debris, how Handsome gonna drag ure fat ass out of it la?/...he's just a pug...

"AWwwwwwWWw....ok worries...mommy dun wan u..come to uncle manson and auntie cherrie..u can play tug with kor kor max..ok..ok?"

11:11 AM  
Anonymous hopeful momma said...

Thanks for your well-wishes and offers to take Handsome off my hands..

Hmm.. yeah.. the quake could have been due to my over consumption of onions la.. but.. I thought I let out one silent one only.. I din realize so many ppl affected..

Actually Uncle Manson.. We found a good way to use Handsome to save our lives.. should our lives ever need saving by this fatty pug of ours..

We can use him to deflect falling debris. Just hold him up.. and *boing* debris will be deflected.

Also.. we can use him a door stopper. Door gonna close.. *slip* use him to stop the door. How's that for life saving abilities.. There is hope after all..

11:06 AM  
Anonymous bersyukur said...

thank God u decided to move out of good ol' beijing. else.... sigh....

when i read the news, first thing i thot bout was.. goodness, juls made the right choice.

next time, go easy on the onions la. later you let out something so big that m'sia oso affected. kesian la your kawan-kawan kat sini.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous farter.. said...

Okok.. next time I fart I control sikit.. Janji I won't simply let one rip..

Actually come to think of it.. Shouldn't Handsome be calling Mr. Chan, Uncle Mr. Chan, instead of Uncle Manson? Since we all call him Mr. Chan anyway.. haha..

8:11 PM  

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