Saturday, May 10, 2008

Naked.. shaved.. and wet

If none of my previous blogs got your attention, I'm very sure I have it ALL right now..

So who is naked you ask? Is it.. Mr. Chan *vomit*? Is it Je *hmm.. wink wink*? Or.. is it Jules *...*? What if I tell you that it is none of the above..

Yes... the naked pics I am gonna show you is of......... HANDSOME! Excited or not? Excited or not? *sound of crickets in background*

Anyway.. just take a look la.. since you're already on this webpage.

Ok.. ok.. before anybody starts saying that I'm cruel la, heartless la.. what la what la.. JUST because I shaved my dog.. I have my reason.. Its because it's now too hot here. He's suffering under all his thick fur... so shaving him makes him more comfortable.

Why the stripe, you ask? Well.... Funny ma.. damn nice to point and laugh at the naughty lil fucker. In fact he looks so funny, that, everybody at the petshop, pointed and laughed at him once he was done.. AND... even the girl shaving him.. couldn't stop smiling while she was doing her job.. AHahahaahaha... yes.. he looks THAT funny! I think the pictures don't do him justice... Hahaha.... If he meets Max now.. I'm sure Max will run away..


Anonymous Max's Dad said...

wei damm funny la...
Fucker like gangster!!..

Like some cina-beng triad head named "che-li".

Handsome, the head of the notorious gang in China, the "Che-Li gang" has once again, shock the People Republic of China, by having his furr shaved - mohawk style. It is reported that the intention of the mohawk was due to the sudden rise of temperature in Shanghai but folks within the neighbors thought otherwise. According to an interview, the "mohawk" style, is an act of demonstration to the recent ban of pugs participation in the Beijing Olympics 2008 event = "who has the ugliest face and eyes"

stay tuned for more updates after these short messages..

11:23 AM  
Anonymous the gangster's mother said...

He's gonna be a gangster the whole of spring and summer.. The during winter he'll go back to becoming just Handsome.

Imagine pulling a stunt like that with Max.. Hahah..

Maybe u should shave Max too.. and let him join the Che-Li Gang.. I think Max will be Tai Kor.. I told Handsome already.. that if he ever meets Max... he'll have to call Max KorKor.. cuz Max will be way bigger than him.. and he'd better respect if he dun wanna kena baham again..

12:25 PM  

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