Friday, February 22, 2008

An Event to Remember…

Christmas came and went. New Year (2008) came and went. Chinese New Year (Rat year) came and went. The blog is still going slow. And a lot of fans (you know who you are) of our blog have been questioning what’s been happening since Chinese New Year? Is everyone rapture, taken away, abducted by aliens, OR moved out of civilization to join the caveman? NOT!!! As usual, the usual gang just takes it slow and steady. So for all you fans out there, all I can say is… patience is virtue. :)

Recently, we had our usual Chinese New Year gathering at Mr. Caveman Chan’s crib. Ah Lian from China took the trouble to fly all the way back from the freezing Shanghai and so if no gathering, she’ll probably murder all of us. So, no choice, we spent about approx. 10hrs with each other. We watched some movies, had some booze, played some cards, talk some cock, master the game of mahjong and found a new move to the rock, paper and scissors - super-lethal-twin-bladed-samurai-sword.

A little background about this rock, paper and scissors:

The conventional Rock, Paper & Scissors goes something like that:

You’ll need two players. Each player thinks of an item that could beat his/her opponent either by choosing rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats the scissors; Paper beats the rock and Scissors beat the paper. Just Google for details.

What about this super-lethal-twin-bladed-samurai-sword you must be wondering? How does it fit in? The super-lethal-twin-bladed-samurai-sword is a new found move and it basically beats all three rock, paper and scissors. How did this happen? Ask the Ah Lian from China as it all started when we took notice of the top she was wearing.

The move, as displayed below.

The conventional way of playing the game

Super killer move

Ever since discovering this new move, Mr. Caveman Chan is seen playing by himself all the time and mumbling the “super-lethal-twin-bladed-samurai-sword” every time. And, he’ll try and get everyone else to play with him

Mr. Chan: Eh eh! Play with me.
Je & Ah Lian from China: No thanks.
Mr. Chan: Please? Pretty please?
Je: Ok. Here goes nothing
Mr. Chan: 1, 2, 3 super-lethal-twin-bladed-samurai-sword! Beat ya!
Je: Eh, I also use the same move leh!
Mr. Chan: But you slower. So I win.
Je: ……

We also had a little mahjong tiles arrangement competition invented by Mr. Caveman Chan. Some of us are still learning the game (I’m one of ‘em) and therefore not experts in arranging tiles like Mr. Chan who claimed to be very good at the game (though he din really win. And even if he did, it’s not those fantastic, over-the-edge kinda wins. Orang Melayu kata ‘chekai’) Nevertheless, we had a great time stressing ourselves out trying to pick up the pace as fast as we can.

Mr. Chan: Ok. 1, 2, 3 arrange the tiles now!
Je: Very pressure la.
Mr. Chan: Winner gets to win a car… And done. I’m the winner again!

And the next round.

Mr. Chan: Ok. 1, 2, 3. Go! Winner gets 5 bucks la this time ok? More reasonable.

While arranging, our dear friend Cherry, Mr. Chan’s love of his life did me a favour by pushing Mr. Chan’s tiles back onto the table and…

Je: Yay! You owe me 5 bucks coz I’m the winner.
Mr. Chan: You cheated!
Je: No, I din!
Mr. Chan: Yes, you did! *whistling.

Other than playing games and drinking our lives away, some of us even took some ‘photos’ to remember this joyous event together.

I must say the photos taken were pretty interesting. I’m sure after viewing the pictures you’ll have to agree with me that the pictures are indeed a masterpiece. The photographer, art director, story teller, script writer, director of photography, cinematographer, and 1st, 2nd & 3rd unit director was none other than our Ah Lian from China. The talents were Mr. Caveman Chan and his all time butt bro, EJ. Their performance, simply admirable. The theme of the shoot: Cock Wedding Photos performed by Cock Talents and directed by Cock Director. And viewed by Cock Audiences. So you can imagine the outcome of the photos… A BLAST!

I would like to suggest that you view the photos at your own risk here in this blog but our Ah Lian in China could not show the pictures just yet because she’s turn into ice due to the recent blizzards / snow storm that hit Shanghai. And her camera equipment is stuck in her panties. Authorities are now trying to defrost her so that she can reach in and download the images for all to see. (Ah Lian, if you are reading this, you know what to do). So once again, patience, my dear fans.

After the event, things are pretty much back to normal. Some of us are looking forward to the next big event. I wonder what?

Stay tune for more.

Till next time, this is Anti-Caveman signing off! Cheerioz!


Anonymous cina mari said...

Ek-chu-er-ly.. (Actually..), my camera phone is stuck in my butt-crack.. The relevant ow-tor-ri-tis (authorities) are trying to remove the object from my butt crack so that I can download the said pictures and send them out to you..

Bay-sic-cal-ly.. (Basically), they are working as hard as possible.. yes.. And the ow-tor-ri-tis (authorities) will keep you informed of further dev-vil-lope-men (development)..

Thank chu

1:04 PM  

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