Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Handsome - The Fashion Shoot

So.. looks like this blog is gonna become Julie's blog eh?

More like Julie's blog about Handsome..

Anyway, can't help it, cuz he's funny and a clown.

Recently my friend send me some doggy clothes she bought from Thailand, Chatuchak Market to be more specific, she says there are tonnes of nice things for pets there.. So Mr. Chan, if ever you go on holiday to Bang-cock.. you might wanna visit Chatuchak Market.. well, not for Max.. cuz it's too bloody hot to make dogs wear clothes in KL.. but for your godson here. Haha.. Handsome thanks you in advanced.

So, Handsome received some clothes.. he's had some old ones.. but well.. he's grown a lot since then.. and the only part of him that can fit into his old clothes right now, is his 'tai pei' or we like to call it, 'chu tui', pig's thigh. Which I will attempt to show you in the following pictures of Handsome's Fashion Shoot.

The outfit: Camo-print overalls by Doggy Dolly

'Blue Steel'



Being a poser is hard work..

Macam 'melankolik'..

Staring into the distance...

Stare until sleepy...

The famous and very 'yuk kan' 'tui'...

Yes, yes, I know he's only wearing one outfit, but that was the one he looked funniest in. And besides, it was hell trying to get him to wear the t-shirt. By my standards, even getting him to wear the overalls were already a big, huge achievement.. so.. if you wanna complain that my fashion shoot bluff people because got only one outfit, you can take your complains and shove it. Either that or, YOU come and try to make the lil fucker wear the t-shirt.

And YES, I know the brand sounds very gay.. But well, maybe I shall now teach him how to do Mr. Chan's 'Sebastion'.. Or maybe Mr. Chan can teach Max how to do..


Anonymous godfather said...

oh my god..
the lil' fucker is soooo cuuuuttteeeee..and Fugly!!!..looks like a retard commando K9

Feel like pinching and slapping the fucker and pushing his "che-li" eyes back to where it looks normal...

damm gerammm man!!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous handsome's mama said...

Hahaha.. damn geram right? especially the picture of the 'tui'.. haha..

Yeah.. that outfit is the best.. He HATES it though.. put it on d.. refuse to do anything.. dun wanna walk around.. just wanna sit in one place. Uncomfy..

9:46 PM  

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