Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am Handsome


My name is Handsome.. The other day.. Mummy told me that, Uncle Manson nearly got butt fucked by a buncha' fuckin' indian criminals.. Mummy told me, Uncle Manson very sad and scared after that incident, so I thought I would be nice and do something to cheer Uncle Manson up..

So.. with a bit of help from Mummy.. I made a photo blog specially for Uncle Manson..

This was when I first met Mummy.. of course, that time my Mummy was a different person.. so this Mummy I have now, can consider Mummy II..

Mummy II say I last time very small one.. so small in fact that I can nap comfortably in her lap and can sit my entire ass on her palm.. But now.. I can only fit half my ass on her palm.. and the other half will be spilling over the sides of her hand and through her fingers..

Mummy II told me that when she first met me, I was so cute she couldn't resist 'dognapping' me home for the weekend.. Which I didn't mind at all, because Mummy II gives me lotsa snacks whenever I use my 'super power sucker cuteness' on her, but more of that later..

See my naughty face! I was discovering a bone for the first time.. Didn't amuse me for long though.. cuz I needed to take a piss on the carpet.

Mummy II say that I am fucking 'wai sek'.. Everything she put near my mouth will disappear.. All kinds of rubbish on the floor also disappear.. Once I actually pooped, a plastic piece of garbage.. She say she pengsan..

My Mummy II say I got killer 'cheh li' eyes.. whatever THAT means.. I guess it must mean that I am handsome/good looking since people named me Handsome..

This is my signature 'super power sucker cuteness' look.. Don't underestimate it.. because it gets me lotsa snacks.. Always works with my Mummy II and even huge, macho, grown men fall for it.. So, you better watch out Uncle Manson.. cuz you're next.

It worked... as always..

That's me.. sleeping.. Mummy II doesn't understand how comfortable sleeping like this is.. Yeah.. I know I am flashing everybody.. but so what? Pee pee oni mah.. as if never seen before..

Mummy II always complain that I snore though.. and well.. I guess I do.. sometimes I snore so loud.. I even wake myself up... (Mummy II says: Yes he does.. he did that this morning... )

Anyhow.. that was then.. when I was still super small... NOW... Mummy II says I'm a fucking fatty.. Due to no fault of my own I must say.. Mummy II keep feeding nice things.. I pai seh to turn down her offers.. Anyway.. my doctor say I am still a growing boy.. can eat more..

Oh.. this is me after a long day of eating, shitting, peeing, eating sumore, terrorizing Mummy II, playing, eating, snacking, shitting, peeing and etc..

Living the life of a pug is tiring ok.. need my beauty sleep..

Just woke up.. Shit faced.. Enuff said..

Anyway, I am glad that Uncle Manson didn't get butt probed by those fucking indian criminals.. Mummy II says it's ok to call them fucking indian criminals.. because they are bad people.. she calls me fucking naughty too sometimes..

Yaaa... I am naughty... I am bad.. I am Handsome..

So, till then, be careful and be good everybody.



Anonymous hearts can melt said...

aawwwwww.... how intimate. i bet mr. chan is sooo jealous and envious that he'll not leave a comment here.

handsome, pls remember to get your mummy to purchase an air ticket for you the next time she comes home so that we can all kidnap you. dun wori, we're not a bunch of indian criminals.


10:19 AM  
Blogger Man5on - Lietz, Cam-era, AKTION said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Handsome's Mummy said...

Hahaha.. Yeah.. I'm sure Uncle Manson damn kau tulan right now..

Buy Handsome plane tix? NO WAY! Easier if U guys come here to see him.. and me.. Hahaha.. At least when u come here u dun have to be quarantined for a week before you can come out from the airport..

11:49 AM  

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