Thursday, May 08, 2008

My name is Maximus...but just call me MAX..

Yup...i know...its been long since my last post...the usual la...busy ma...heheheh...(i wonder how long can i use this excuse)..but anyway...

Allow me to introduce, the new "member" of "the usual gangs of idiots"..


Yeah...sounds great huh?...but really..he's not..and he's a numbskull..

Max - the golden retriever (Ahem..*proud*) is the replacement of Pebbles (the COCK-er, who is now in doggy heaven being showered everyday with doggy snacks..."we miss you dearly and you will always have a place in our heart")

Max loves nibbling stuff...he'll start to nibble anything on his sight and within his reach...for example..

My coffee table: GONE (with tooth marks all over the place)
My dining table: GONE (with tooth marks all over the place)
My arms: GONE (with tooth marks all over the place)
Cherrie's arm: GONE (with tooth marks all over the place)
Cherrie's nipple: ALMOST...(..*phew..*) and that's for me to nibble, k Max??..k??
My cock: STILL INTACT...(*..phew..*)
My shoe rack: GONE (with tooth marks all over the place)

Anyway, you get the picture right..a real destroyer..until the extend that i have to use "minyak cap kapak" to scare the fucker by applying it on all of the "hot-spot" or perhaps "Max's spot" least it works...for now...

Here are some pics taken especially for Auntie Julz & Handsome...


check out the "flying" ear!!

Max and his "Kong"

Getting curious with his new toy

" nice one..fuck it la.."

getting grounded for his "No Retreat..No Surrender" on nibbling my furnitures, limbs, etc policy and law.

still being toys, no snacks, no pee-pee, no poo-poo..


"Yay...Aunt Je to the rescue..!!"

"No Retreat...No Surrender" Max's LAW!...

More pics on the way...


Anonymous proud parents... awww.. said...

Hahahaha... "No Retreat.. No Surrender.."

THAT I cannot teach Handsome.. as it is... He's already "No pain.. No fear.."

Minyak Cap Kapak... eh that's a new one.. I use cheap white vinegar for Handsome.. poured into spray bottle.. those for spraying plants kind.. He hates the smell of the stuff. Works for a while.. but have to keep spraying from time to time.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous eye witness said...

i was there... i saw how max claw at everything. he welcomed me by leaving me some bite marks. tx a lot, buddy. good thing no need to go for a jab. ;) but so cute! feels like squeezing him especially his fatty legs.

2:46 PM  

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