Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember when we used to.. #1

Remember when we used to think that the word "punani" was Indian?

And we would go around speaking to each other in an Indian accent trying to form sentences using the word "punani".

Funny shit, man.

"Dei, sap-da punani la, dei!"


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Spending your $$$ on something stupid..

Have you ever spend your hard earn, blood and sweat money on something that contributes nothing, at no use, totally unnecessary and silly ever??..

I’m sure you did…maybe once…maybe once a month…maybe none??…

Well…to be honest….most of money are being spend on all sorts of things that contributes nothing, at no use, totally unnecessary….i.e. my collection of Transformers toys (which I define as a NECESSITY in my life) which I have not open or display it at all…buy it just for the sake of collecting it and to occupy those empty spaces in my cupboard….

Yeah…I know its kinda dumb…but hey…as long as I’m happy…

Some of you might have the whole set of “Barbie dolls” – which include, but not limited to, “Ken”, “the dumb pink corvette car”, “the play-house, where you can role play between Barbie and Ken” (for fuck sake…!!!), “Barbie tea-set”…whatever…

I’m not condemning your rights to choose what you wish to collect….as long as it makes you happy…

I came across this book in a bookstore. Well it’s not actually a book i.e. novel, but more like a guide. A guide to what??..I’ll explain later..

The catchy title and its striking color caught my attention…and after “exploring” it…I can’t help myself but to pay 30 bucks for it. “Exploring” by the means of opening the nicely sealed box, taking it apart slowly and nicely, slide out the plastic cover that was protecting it, open the box, exploring what’s the ingredient, making sure everything is in-tact i.e. items are as stipulated accordingly, browse through a few pages of the content…interesting?…put it back nicely into the box, put it back into the plastic cover, AND take a new one….hey…c’mon la…as if you never do this kinda things before…

MALAYSIAN BOLEH..!!!! as I was saying…it’s a guide…a guide to… to write a Poison Letter to your enemies i.e. ur ex, your current or ex-boss, neighbours, friends, brothers or sisters…and hence, “The Poison-Pen Letter Writing Set – Everything you need to let someone know how you really feel”…you feeling the “AWESOME-NESS”????

Like I said…the color of the box and its title caught my attention…

Sorry for the blurry image but basically the set includes:

a) Instruction booklet
b) 20 sheets red writing paper
c) 20 red envelopes
d) 20 stickers (Yes…stickers…I’ll explain later)
e) A poisen pen (A poison pen…how cool is that???….i’ll explain later too)

The instruction booklet…

A small little booklet, about the size of your palm, which is nice as it can be easily fit into your pocket…always a handy guide whenever you need to compose a “Poison” letter… “Whenever, Wherever, Let’s Compose a Poison Letter”

I have not finish reading the guide and so I can’t share much of its content but manage to browse a few pages…one of it is to attach “something” into your letter before sending it to your target. You know how we attach media or docs in your email…well..something similar but only attaching it physically.

For example: before sending the letter to your target, stick a dead roach into the letter, OR rubbing the letter with raw fish meat..making the letter smell awful, OR add spray “Pepper-spray” all over the letter and hope they rub their nose or eyes after reading/touching the letter OR tarot cards i.e. death, the wheel, etc…AWESOME!!!!!…

Another example: Neighbour nuking!!!…hate your neighbour??…no worries…here’s a quick fix…compose your poison letter in “scribbly” hand-writing…for better effect, use your left hand if you’re right handed and vice-versa, but if your capable in writing in both hands, try cutting out words and letters from magz or newspaper..

Drop it in your neighbour’s mail box…drop another similar letter to another neighbour (the innocent one) to avoid suspicion. If you’re being question by either one of the neighbour, pretend you do not know anything and explain how suspicious looking the “other” neighbour was one morning/afternoon loafting around the mailbox..and of coz…be “helpful” to lend an assist…

The Poison Pen

It’s just a fucking normal cheap black-ink ball pen. But the fact that its call a “Poison Pen” and was labelled on it….its AWESOME..!!!…I’m LOVING IT..!!!…be sure to compose your letter with it for more “hatred”..!!!

The Red Envelopes

Perhaps a little too small for “attachments”…but handy enough…recommended!!..

The Red Writing papers

Nothing much..just sheets of papers in red…

The Stickers

Consist of knife, skeleton, angry eyes and poison bottles…nothing much too…just to add additional “flavors” to your letter…more like an expression I’ll reckon…

Now…there you have it…the new item that has been added into my collection of “contributes nothing, at no use, totally unnecessary and silly”

But its cool right??….right??…..whatever your comment is…The Poison Letter Writing Set is still in my “cool” list….hahahahah…’s yours???..

Till next time…

This is ME..signing off..

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bestest Friends in the whole wide world

Recently, there has been some debate about who belongs in the ‘Bestest Friends in the whole wide world’ group. Some people say that it is destined for some to belong in that category whilst others belong in the cool ‘Usual gang of idiots’.

Let me began by saying that…

Once upon a time, there lived two people… who can’t get enough of each other. They love and hate each other for one reason – donuts. Why donuts? It is through donuts that they grew to understand each other. One will eat the donuts today while it is fresh and the other will eat it next week after it has turned green and moldy. Simply because one loves the other so much that she’ll wait ‘til the donuts are no longer edible for the other person. But at the same time, she hates the fact that she doesn’t get to eat the donuts while it is fresh. You can imagine the bond, the closeness and the affection they both share. I’m not talking about just any kind of connection normal people share. I’m talking about a freaking spitting kind of relationship that both enjoy.

So let’s flashback for a second. Who has dual membership? Who should embrace her destiny? Who should finally come out of the closet? And who should go where others cannot follow?

The answer is plain simple….

Go figure…